Streets for People

September 10, 2020

In the context of pandemic restrictions and the need to make space for people to safely get outside and stay active, on May 11th 2020 the City of New Westminster Council passed the Streets for People in 2020 motion, directing staff to accelerate already planned reallocations of road space to support people walking, cycling, and socializing in their communities. 

HUB Cycling staff, in collaboration with our New Westminster Local Committee volunteers and Happy City, reached out to the City of New Westminster Transportation Department offering our services to help with the Streets for People initiative.  City staff engaged us to develop an implementation plan, deliver activation events to raise public awareness and support, engage with people to get their impressions and ideas, and evaluate the outcomes of the Streets for People in 2020 initiative.

HUB Cycling is hosting Activation events throughout the month of September.  We welcome people who live or work in New Westminster to join us to learn about one or more of the City’s current road reallocation projects.  They will be fun and informative, COVID-safe events.  

Read our COVID-19 Protocols for In-Person Engagement to learn what HUB Cycling is doing, and what you can do, to stay safe while participating in our programs. 

Click here to learn more about HUB's Streets for People Activation Events Schedule.



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Your generosity means the world to us. This year, even during COVID-19, the support from our donors has allowed us to reallocate under-utilized road space, launch the Streets for People initiative and the free Learn2Ride Online course for kids to name a few.

This is why we cannot and will not stop working to make cycling safer. Your contributions will help to build a more sustainable future for all.