For immediate release: Over 100 Quick Cycling Fixes Completed in Metro Vancouver through the 20 in 20 Infrastructure Challenge

October 23, 2018

As part of its 20th Anniversary celebrations, HUB Cycling’s #UnGapTheMap campaign teamed up with municipalities across Metro Vancouver to launch an exciting new challenge focused on “Quick Fix” infrastructure upgrades.

Dubbed the 20 in 20 Infrastructure Challenge, participating municipalities had 20 days between July and September to complete up to 20 Quick Fixes.

From broken pavement and unnavigable pathway entrances, to faded bike lanes and absent signage, over 100 Quick Fixes were completed, thanks to hundreds of suggestions from HUB Cycling’s 10 Local Committees, the general public, and the work of municipalities.

“We know that filling a major gap in the cycling network often requires a comprehensive project budget and timeline. However, quick fixes are often the low-hanging fruit of bicycle infrastructure because they are cheaper and faster to implement,” said Andrew Picard, HUB Cycling’s #UnGapTheMap Project Manager.

“The Challenge was a great opportunity to focus on some of the seemingly minor measures that can have a great impact on ridership, enjoyment and public satisfaction,” added Doug McLeod, Transportation Planning Manager with the City of Surrey. “We’re pleased to have surpassed our Quick Fix target as we grow a cycling network that’s safe, visible and in optimum condition.”

To date, HUB Cycling’s #UnGapTheMap campaign has been working with municipal, regional, and provincial decision makers to fill critical gaps throughout Metro Vancouver’s cycling network with all ages and abilities (AAA) infrastructure.

In the coming months, a jury will assess the completed Quick Fixes, based on quantity and quality and the top three municipalities will receive awards at HUB Cycling’s annual Bike Awards in February 2019. All completed Quick Fixes are mapped, including a selection of before and after photos, just in time for Bike to Work Week, beginning Monday, October 29th until November 4th.


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