Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 Spring Launch!

ERG program in action - participant riding their bike.

March 29, 2021

Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 is officially heading into its second year thanks to the generous support of the Province of BC’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. In spring and fall of 2021, the Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 Program will provide 80 schools with fully funded cycling education courses.  Over 8,000 grade 4 and 5 students across Metro Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna and their surrounding areas will participate in the program - the biggest year yet!

This year, Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 kicks off on April 12th at Lord Strathcona Elementary in Vancouver and Margaret Jenkins Elementary in Victoria. 

The program instills elementary students with the skills and confidence needed to learn to ride their bikes to and from school. Universal cycling education in schools will contribute to raising a generation of sustainable transportation users and safe road users.

If you’d like to see the Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 program at your school this spring or fall, contact us at everyonerides@bikehub.ca to see what funding and resources are available in your community. Check out the ERG45 webpage to learn more about the program schedule and curriculum. 

Learn2Ride online is similarly available free of cost to students and teachers across the province where in-person programs are not available at this time.

HUB Cycling works with local delivery partners in Victoria (Bike to Work Victoria) and Kelowna (GreenStep) to deliver in-school programming.


Help us bring safe cycling education to your community!