Cycling Detour - Highway 1/Nelson Creek, West Vancouver

May 14, 2014

BC's Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure recently notified the public of a cycling closure on Highway 1 (Upper Levels) just east of Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to accommodate bridge deck rehabilitation work. 

The detour, via Marine Drive, was established at the end of April, and will continue through until December, 2014. For more information and a map of the detour, please click this link

What are your other options? Use public transit - bus bike racks are a great option, although please note that these racks are frequently full on the 257 express bus to Horseshoe Bay. Bus Routes 250, 257, 259, & C12 all stop in Horseshoe Bay (C12 also stops in Caulfeild, Horseshoe Bay, and Lions Bay, closest to the routes affected by this closure). 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this detour, please contact Erin Moxon, Senior Project Manager, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure by email, or phone at 604-527-3112.