Celebrating our Organization Members

February 22, 2022



HUB Cycling has always been dependent on the voice of its members to advocate vital reforms to make biking safer and better for people across Metro Vancouver.

Our individual lifetime members have supported our campaigns to reform the Motor Vehicle Act, build more separated biking infrastructure across bridges and roads and lobby for bikes on public transit. 
Today we wanted to highlight another branch of our membership that is equally important to our efforts to improve biking: Organization Members
Organization Members understand the importance of safe biking and want to support their biking customers and employees. They also understand that more people on bikes makes for happier, healthier and greener communities. 
People on bikes ARE customers and research has repeatedly shown that protected bike lanes on commercial streets result in more clientele.
HUB offers organization members an annual rate at various tiers to suit the size and type of company. 
We even have a special discounted rate for non-profits and bike shops! Organization members receive acknowledgment in our publications, a charitable tax receipt and a digital badge to publicize their support.
If you are a business, organization or non-profit who loves bikes then join HUB as an org member today!
Questions or want to learn more? Reach out to membership@bikehub.ca