Biking to Work Success Story: Solaris Management Consultants Inc.

October 10, 2019

Solaris Management Consultants Inc. ‘Bridges the Gap’ Between Offices and Collectively Cycles Nearly 954 km


Solaris Management Consultant’s adventure with Bike to Work Week began nearly four years ago, when one of their co-workers learned about HUB Cycling at the 2015 Spring Run-Off in Stanley Park and became a HUB member. This year marks Solaris’ fifth anniversary participating in Bike to Work Week!


The engineering firm has offices in Surrey and Calgary, and for the first time ever, they had participation from both sides of the Rockies in this year’s Spring Bike to Work Week! Colin Cann, Project Coordinator at Solaris’ Surrey Office, notes that he works in an industry that loves a little friendly interoffice competition. So to switch things up this year, he threw down the challenge:  “Can we ‘bridge the gap’ and together bike a combined distance equal (or greater) than the 954 km distance between our offices?” Nine riders participated, and they got pretty darn close.


Colin says you can certainly tell when this event is on, as he starts to see two-wheeled transportation stashed in cubicles around the office! Parking and bike storage can be limited at their Surrey Office, so one of Solaris’ employees even went as far as building a bike rack that only occupied a single parking space! 


As a whole, Colin found that creating teams for Bike to Work Week significantly helped increase participation and motivation among Solaris’ corporate teams.


“To think as a province, we biked a total of 2.9 million km’s and saved 644,005 kg of greenhouse gases is staggering! Individually our contribution may not seem like much, but small consistent efforts on the grand scale really do add up.”


Is your organization up for the challenge? Check out our Bike to Work Week page for more information on how you can be a Team Leader for your company’s work team.