Biking to Work Success Story: Alex Munro, Corporate Communications Advisor at Fortis BC and Juliet Grundmanis, Physiotherapist at the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic

October 7, 2019

Alex Munro is a Corporate Communications Advisor at FortisBC, a Natural Gas and Electricity company based in Surrey. Alex lives in East Vancouver and commutes by bike to Surrey with his friend Juliet who works as a Physiotherapist at the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic. Juliet lives in Fairview and was inspired to try cycling to work in Surrey by Alex in early 2019. They now cycle 2-3 times a week together in summer. After being inspired by rider stories he heard from Fall Bike to Work Week in 2018, Alex committed last year to riding at least once a week through fall and winter (except in snow, I’ve stuck to this)! 


To make the 35km ride a little more manageable, they sometimes take their bikes on the Expo line in the morning to Surrey and then ride home and often see others cyclists doing the same thing. Alex and Juliet have also gradually improved their route since they’ve started. They now take United Boulevard and Central Valley Greenway through Coquitlam, instead of the busy Lougheed Highway. 


“We have tweaked our route a lot over the year, to find the least busy way to get home; if we can do it, anyone can!” -  Juliet



Highlights from their summer rides include collecting blackberries when a train stopped their commute for 15 minutes! and riding 3 out of 5 days for Spring Bike to Work Week (200km in total for Alex). In order to prepare for the change in seasons last year, Alex purchased a new bike with wider tires and fenders. 

Cycling with a buddy has made the ride home much more enjoyable, and Alex is still working on encouraging his co-workers to join. The other day they had two other riders join them from Juliet’s work. 


“It’s never as bad as you think - and that feeling of finishing the day with a spin with your mates is just the best!” - Alex 


When asked what their top tips would be for first time commuters riding longer distances, they recommended taking a friend, allowing plenty of time for the first few rides to check maps and packing light!


“I love cycle commuting because even though it takes longer, your workout is done by the time you get home!” - Juliet


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