Biking to School with Felix & Claudio

May 21, 2019

Bike to School week kicks off on Monday May 27th! Now in its 6th year, this fun, free celebration aims to introduce a whole new generation to getting around on two wheels. We sat down with two young cyclists to see what they think of arriving to school by bike. Claudio and Felix are 8 and 7 respectively and have been cycling to school regularly since the first grade.

“My favorite intersection is near Science World. When the pedestrian signal goes to zero you normally have to stop, but there you get an extra second or two before the bike signal changes”. Felix is very familiar with his route to school and knows the names of the streets and bike paths he takes every day. If he’s short on time, he knows how to switch up the route to save a few minutes, opting for an equally safe but more direct way.

A large part of cycling to school is understanding road safety, and both boys are confident biking on the road and navigating intersections. Claudio says that his helmet is the one thing he always brings with his bike and putting it on is just part of his morning routine. “First I get ready for school, then I put my helmet on and get my bike”.

For both boys cycling to school is an adventure and a way to insert some play into the day. Felix loves doing the occasional jump off a speed bump and Claudio feels happy to have the wind in his hair as he hits the streets.

When asked to share their thoughts on biking to school Felix reflected:“It’s faster than taking the bus”. And he’s right; his route from east Vancouver to his school would involve two buses and take longer. Not to mention he’d miss those speed bumps! Claudio responded thoughtfully, “It’s just a great way to clear your mind in the morning before school and great exercise”.

During Bike to School week schools across Metro Vancouver celebrate by organizing school events and encouraging families to ride.  Switch up your morning routine and try cycling to school with your kids from May 27--31. Visit for more information.