20th Year in Review

December 4, 2018

It was 1998: A small crew of intrepid cycling enthusiasts had found each other, and wanted to make cycling safer.

It wouldn't take much, considering there were basically no facilities for cycling anywhere. Nothing on the bridges, no bikes allowed on buses or Seabus, cars couldn't care less if you wanted to get around on a bicycle - they ruled the road outright.  But this small, mighty set of volunteers were the seed for the non-profit Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, which two decades and one renaming later, is HUB Cycling: 20 office staff, 18 instructors, hundreds of volunteers, thousands of members, and tens of thousands of followers strong.

We have reached every municipality in the region, whether it is with advocacy for better bike infrastructure, education in schools, community centres, workplaces, and events like Bike to Work and School Week, Bike to Shop Days, Bike the Night and more.

Hundreds of kms of bike lane later, and thousands of new people cycling in our cities, we are on a roll. Thank you to everyone that's been a part of it.  If you want to join us, or keep the good times rolling for cycling in our cities, you can donate today! Right now!

Image: Vancouver Bicycle Routes, 1998 
Copyright: City Of Vancouver Archives