Submit a Suggestion and Help us #UnGaptheMap!


Help us #UnGaptheMap!

Suggest a Gap in the Cycling Network that you think is important to get filled!

HUB Cycling’s 10 Local Committees work with local stakeholders in their cities to make cycling better in their communities. Each committee has identified gaps in the cycling network that, when filled, would make large impacts on ridership and safety. We work with local governments to get these gaps filled.

Our committees determine their own priority gaps that they work on advocating to fill. However, our committees are not aware of all the important gaps across their cities and communities. After you submit a gap, they will be relayed to our committees, who will be made aware of the suggestion. It is up to the committee to decide on its priority, and whether or not to advocate to fill that gap.

You can also join a committee if you would like to discuss your suggested gap and help advocate to get it filled!

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Prototype Gap Maps by Local Committee Area

We have put together prototype gap maps with existing gaps identified by committees, combined with State of Cycling data showing bike routes by comfort level. The State of Cycling report was developed by HUB Cycling and TransLink to provide a snapshot of the extent and quality of bikeways across the Metro Vancouver region in 2019.


— Local Committee Priority Gaps

State of Cycling Bikeways by Comfort Level

— Comfortable for most
— Comfortable for some
— Comfortable for few
— Comfortable for very few


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Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows

New Westminster

North Shore


Surrey-White Rock