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February 2021: Hear from experts on how COVID-19 has changed the cycling landscape across the globe and what needs to happen moving forward to keep more people cycling more often.

Panellists: HUB Cycling’s Gavin Davidson, MRM, MCIP, RPP will be joined by Ralph Buehler, PhD, Professor and Chair of Urban Affairs and Planning in the School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia Tech’s Research Center in Arlington, VA,  Meghan Winters, PhD, Associate Professor of Health Sciences at SFU Lisa Leblanc, P.Eng., M.Sc., Manager, Transportation, City of New Westminster


(September 2021): David Rønnov, Office for Cycle Superhighways in Copenhagen, presents on the logistics and successes of cycling superhighways in Denmark. 


(June 2021): What is adaptive cycling and who does it? Why don't we see more adaptive cyclists on our roads and trails? Come learn about the innovative bikes and programs that are getting more disabled people cycling, and how you can help make cycling more inclusive. This webinar features Jocelyn Maffin, an avid handcyclist that believes everyone should have a bike. She works as the Manager of Information Resources at Spinal Cord Injury BC. In her spare time, Jocelyn is helping to build Handcycling BC, a community promoting adaptive cycling for recreation and working to reduce barriers to adaptive cycling in BC. This webinar will be moderated by Navdeep Chhina, HUB Cycling’s Director of Campaigns and Inclusion.



(June 2021): Cycling is the most sustainable means of urban travel, practical for most short- and medium-distance trips—commuting to and from work and school, shopping, visiting friends—as well as for recreation and exercise. Cycling promotes physical, social, and mental health, helps reduce car use, enhances mobility and independence, and is economical for both public and personal budgets. In this webinar, John Pucher, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning and Policy Development at Rutgers University and Ralph Buehler, Ph.D, Professor and Chair of Urban Affairs and Planning at Virginia Tech, explore how cities can make cycling safe, practical, and convenient for all ages and abilities.


(June 2021): Join Kay Teschke, Ph.D. as she explores the infrastructure challenges and opportunities of cycling the Metro Vancouver suburbs. About this event Kay Teschke, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus at UBC School of Population and Public Health will: review data from the HUB & TransLink report on the "State of Cycling in MetroVancouver” with a focus on the region's eastern suburbs summarize UBC research evidence about which cycling infrastructure is safer vs. not and which motivates cycling vs. deters it examine two common infrastructure issues and potential solutions


(October 2021): Learn about the potential of e-bikes and what benefits municipalities can gain by encouraging their use and creating infrastructure suitable to them. Panelists discuss how e-bikes can connect communities, get more people of all ages and abilities biking and create a greener world.

Panelists: Todd Litman, Executive Director, Victoria Transport Policy Institute and author of 'New Mobilities: Smart Planning for Emerging Transportation Technologies' Zachary Mathurin, North Shore Mobility Options Coordinator and urban planner who has been working on the role out of the e-bike share on the North Shore - Lisa Corriveau, creator of the popular biking blog Spokesmama as well as avid proponent of e-bikes for people with mobility issues and former member of the Transportation Advisory Committee for the City of Vancouver


(May 2021): Learn about bike freight delivery and transport and how its application can provide sustainable solutions and opportunities for businesses and municipalities alike.

Panelists: Sam Starr, Cycle Logistics & Sustainable Urban Freight Expert Mike Zipf, Senior Engineering Assistant, Transportation Planning, City of Vancouver Sandra Allen, Co-Owner & Director, Shift Delivery Coop. Moderated by Erin O'Melinn, HUB Executive Director


  • Fall & Winter Cycling

    This workshop covers everything you need to know about cycling in Metro Vancouver's fall and winter riding conditions. Key topics include outfitting your bike and yourself for fall and winter riding, advanced cycling safety, cold-weather care for your bike, and route planning considerations. You can watch a recording of a previous webinar here. 


  • Planning Your Next Bike Ride

    This workshop combines research findings and practical tools and resources for planning safe and enjoyable routes for your next ride. You will learn about important factors to consider for route planning, route characteristics associated with safety, tips for riding in urban versus rural areas, and multimodal trip planning. Discover our favourite apps, route planning sites, and a list of recreational destinations and rides in the Metro Vancouver region accessible for all ages and abilities. You can watch a recording of a previous webinar here.

  • Basic Bike Maintenance

    This workshop is for participants who are new to maintaining their bikes or would like a refresher. In this workshop, you will develop a thorough understanding and vocabulary of the key components of your bike. We will show you how to do a basic inspection to make sure your bike is in good running order, basic tools to carry, simple adjustments and maintenance that can be done at home, and how to fix a flat. You may get the most out of this workshop by having your own bike nearby. You can watch a recording of a previous webinar here.

  • Intro to City Cycling

    This workshop is the perfect introduction to cycling best practices for people looking to gain knowledge about how to bike safely around the city. The webinar covers the rights and responsibilities of cyclists and looks at various traffic scenarios encountered in city cycling. Participants will learn how to share the road and communicate with other road users, how to take their bike on transit, types of biking gear, and how to plan a safe route. You can watch a recording of a previous webinar here.

  • Intro to E-Biking

    This introductory workshop is designed to provide you with useful tips for buying, riding, and caring for your e-bike. You will learn about the pros and cons of e-bikes, as well as types, classes, cost, and performance to help you choose the right one for yourself. It will also cover tips for caring for and maintaining your e-bike, along with relevant by-laws and regulations to help give you more confidence in navigating your ride. You can watch a recording of a previous webinar here.

  • Biking with Children

    This workshop will encourage and inspire you to get on your bike with your kids by providing answers and helpful tips about stages of development of kids from passengers to independent riders, road safety, route planning, cycling gear, and how to make bike riding easy, safe and fun for everyone. Bringing children of all ages along on bike rides is an excellent way to get fresh air, exercise, and have fun together while traveling the city. You can watch a recording of a previous webinar here.


Staying Fit to Bike

(June 2021): Learn about the foundations of health and wellbeing, including how you can incorporate healthy habits into your life - on and off your bike! Our two panelists will dive into the meaning of mindfulness, why it matters, and discuss the importance of nutrition, sleep, and movement. Through relatable examples, real time practice and grounded takeaways, this talk will leave you feeling more connected to yourself and motivated to incorporate healthier habits into your daily life.


(May 2021): In the lead-up to HUB Cycling's, Go By Bike Week, HUB Cycling, and Symmetrix Exercise and Rehab Kinesiologist, Anaïs Masbou, invite you to learn what steps you can take to strengthen your body and prevent common injuries associated with biking.


(September 2020) Midori Handford, Registered Physiotherapist with Allan McGavin Sports Medicine, presents a webinar on common overuse of cycling injuries and their prevention and bike fit tips.

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