Shift to Lifetime Memberships



During the 2021 AGM, the HUB Cycling membership approved the move from an annual to a lifetime membership model for individuals. 


By growing our membership base, HUB Cycling can improve our ability to influence decision-makers. Shifting to a low-cost lifetime individual membership model means lower barriers to more members over time and more members from marginalized groups, thereby strengthening our advocacy voice and representing a broader diversity of our local population. 


New and existing members will be given the option of purchasing a lifetime membership at $10 per person. Membership fees and all contributions will receive a charitable tax receipt. Individuals will be given the option to buy memberships at higher price points, but all memberships will come with the same rights and responsibilities. 


Individuals wishing to financially support HUB Cycling’s advocacy work on a regular basis are encouraged to become lifetime members and make one-time or recurring charitable donations.


Current members will continue to hold their annual memberships until the expiry date, and be able to access all existing benefits during that time. Tangible membership benefits like discounts will be discontinued after all existing annual memberships have expired.


All memberships will be ‘individual’ so if you would like to purchase or add on a family or friend membership, we are asking members to add on a minimum of $10 per person to the price of their membership.


The comment field in the sign up sheet will allow you to provide us with the name/email address of any additional memberships purchased for family or friends. 


Every member ‘counts’ towards putting more pressure when we advocate for safer streets!


Organizational memberships will remain annual