Vancouver Park Board

2018 Municipal Elections

General Election Day: October 20, 2018
Advance Voting October 10 & 17, 2018
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Would your local candidates for mayor, council and park board vote in favour of increasing cycling education, investment, and infrastructure that would #UnGapTheMap in your municipality and the region more broadly? And would they make these commitments within the next four-year election cycle?

We asked all the Vancouver park board candidates to complete a brief survey* about their position on cycling, and the results are in! (Download PDF)
Visit to see responses from Vancouver Mayor and council candidates.

Let's #UnGapTheMap including Kits Beach


ACTION: Check out the candidate profiles here (7 to be elected) and please send a message about how being able to ride recreationally in parks is important to you & your family and re Seaside Greenway Kits area specifically to all candidates using emails or via social media contact information listed on their profiles.

HISTORY: The Seaside Greenway was approved by City Council in 1995 and in 2013 City Council requested that Park Board proceed with the upgrading of Seaside Greenway in Kitsilano Beach and Hadden Parks as a priority project

Park board refused to take action on this section until, as a result of HUB committee action, Park Board finally tasked staff in late 2017 to come up with improvement plans. This is the  “Seaside Greenway at Kitsilano Park Proposed Concept” presentation at a Park Board Meeting on March 12, 2018. This concept was turned down by commissioners and returned to the drawing board, where it remains now. The improvements in the Kits Beach area need to happen NOW.

Description of issue: We need to make the Kits area Seaside South Greenway route safer by:

  • Rerouting the Greenway so that it does not go through parking lots at Kitsilano Beach and Burrard Civic Marina

  • Ensuring the whole route is suitable for all ages and abilities by creating a separated bike path for its entirety rather than having it run along Arbutus St and Ogden St.

  • Ensure that people biking aren’t suddenly thrown into intersection traffic at the corner of Cornwall and Balsam

  • Widening the bike path, especially at pinch points including the park entrance at Yew and Cornwall and as it passes under Burrard Bridge

  • Installing better signage along the route, especially on the multi-use path by the shoreline between the Maritime Museum and the Civic Marina.

Over two decades, the City of Vancouver has identified a stretch of cycling and walking paths between Burrard Bridge and  Trafalgar- the neighbourhood that includes Vanier and Kits Beach Parks, and representing one-tenth of the 28-km-long Seaside Greenway — as incomplete.
In this area, existing paths are too narrow and inadequately signed, roads do not include protected bike lanes, and are often busy with vehicle traffic. Coming from both east and west directions, people on bikes are directed from newly separated infrastructure onto these busy roads and through parking lots.
People on foot and on bikes are positioned dangerously close to each other — and motor vehicle traffic — at one of Canada's most popular beaches and leisure destinations for residents and visitors.

HUB Cycling has outlined this issue in the documents listed below:

Continued infrastructure improvements and regional transportation leadership are critical to getting more people biking more often, and helping us achieve Transportation 2040 goals; they are also vital to preserve public safety and support a Vision Zero Traffic Fatalityapproach in our communities.

Without an immediate commitment to a remedy for this stretch of the Seaside Greenway, people on bikes must choose between placing themselves and others at risk or avoiding this location.