Meet our members!

HUB members are passionate individuals, families and organizations who are committed to making cycling in Metro Vancouver safer and more accessible to everyone!

This month we caught up with Mona B. Mona is one of HUB’s longest standing members, joining HUB in 1999. Mona has also been working as an instructor for HUB since 2006! Mona first became a regular cyclist out of necessity and says it changed her life.

How long have you been cycling in Metro Vancouver?

25 years! I'm happy to say. I rode my bike out of necessity (as opposed to taking the bus) when I was a UBC student in 1992 and UBC Administration went on strike; the transit system (BC Transit at that time) wouldn't cross the picket line so I pulled out my old high school bike (a 3 speed Raleigh) and cycled to school. It changed my life!

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in the cycling landscape in Metro Vancouver since you began biking?

The biggest change would be separated bike paths. I don't recall there being any when I first started commuter cycling!

You’ve been a member of HUB for over 15 years. How has HUB impacted biking culture in Metro Vancouver?

HUB has increased awareness of cycling as a practical and enjoyable means of transportation. HUB has helped make cycling mainstream!

What do you love most about teaching people to cycle/improving people's biking skills?

Empowering individuals to take charge of their own safety, and equipping them with skills, knowledge and improved judgement to increase their comfort level in traffic.

How did you get the confidence to ride your bicycle as your main mode of transit?

I didn't really think about it; I just did it. If there were parts of traffic that I didn't feel confident riding in, I simply dismounted and walked on the sidewalk for those sections. Later, thanks to cycling education through HUB, I've increased my confidence based on how my riding style and route planning affects my safety and enjoyment.

What is your number one cycling tip for people riding in Metro Vancouver?

Shoulder check every time before moving left or right.

What is your favorite bike route in Metro Vancouver? What is your least favorite?

My favourite would be my current commute from Marpole to Downtown: the Cypress-Angus bike route through the very quiet streets of Shaughnessy . My least favourite would be the intersection of the Hornby Street bike lanes with the Dunsmuir Street bike lanes: I witness a combination of lack of space and some cyclist behaviour that puts both cyclists and pedestrians at risk.

If you had a tandem bike who would you most like to ride with?

It would be with my best friend, of course!


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