Safe Cycling Education for Grades 6-10

An intermediate course for grades 6-10

HUB Ride the Road introduces upper-level primary and secondary school students to the freedom and responsibilities of cycling in an urban setting.

In this course, a fun and positive approach to cycling goes hand in hand with more formal instruction on how to cycle safely within neighbourhoods and on city streets, and basics on bike maintenance.

Ride the Road is focused on promoting the benefits of cycling as a form of transportation and recreation, and providing students the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they need to bike safely and effectively, sharing the road with cars and people on foot.

Without proper cycling instruction, older youth are at risk of accidents; schools can reduce this risk by teaching safe cycling as part of the school curriculum.

HUB provides:

  • Course information and advice sent to parents and school staff prior to course date
  • Experienced cycling instructors trained and certified by HUB in course instruction, and student engagement and facilitation (encouraging, friendly and helpful!)
  • All necessary equipment, including loaner bikes and helmets
  • Liability coverage

HUB Ride the Road includes a fleet of 12 bikes, for those children without a bike of their own, and for those whose bikes may not be in safe working condition. The Ride the Road curriculum is provided to schools in a 5-unit PhysEd program and includes in-class traffic theory and on-road training. Want to know more? Contact us to discuss details.

"Well done for creating and running such an educational and valuable program for students. It was extremely well delivered and organized, and all the students and staff thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from participating in the program. We'd like to run it at our school every year!" - Errington Elementary teacher, Richmond