Women’s Cycle Movement – and Road Worthy Styling - is on a Roll.

May 28, 2021

Guest article by Cazador Cycle
It’s been over a century since the days of corsets, bloomers and skirts were the typical wardrobe choices for women in cycling.  Only the very bold and brave women stepped out on bikes in those days.  Sometimes to their peril with the fabric getting caught in the pedals.
The 1950s, and the invention of technical fabrics, brought a whole new functionality to cycle wear, for both men and women.  Add in shaped-for-female padded chamois bottoms and undergarments, fashion for women and bikes has never been better, or more comfortable.  
Despite the vast improvements in fit, comfort, and safety in cycle wear, there appeared to be room for expansion of feminine and smart jersey styles for cycling.  A brand was born.
Cazador Cycle, Vancouver’s newly launched female-forward cycling apparel, is excited to support Go By Bike Week (GBBW). “We are all about encouraging and expanding the network of female cyclists through creating cycling kits that look feminine and stand out in a crowd, not only for fashion appeal but also see-the-rider safety concerns”, say sister co-founders Maggie and Nathalie Hunter.
“We want to hop on the upward trend of city cycling overall – for pleasure and transit – by boosting the current percentage of female riders from just 24.7 percent of all riders.  Based on research, second to the fear and safety factor, fashion plays a big role in women’s decisions to ride”, say the Hunter (Cazador in Spanish) sisters.  “We want to make that part of the decision easier with our Marigold collection of colorful flower jerseys”.
Cazador applauds the focus and goals of HUB to get more people cycling more often through its programs to increase access, infrastructure and safety, and see the Cazador jerseys as the perfect complement to address the fashion barrier and give gal riders a bit of Petal and Pedal Power.
At Cazador Cycle they also recognize that cycling has the power to change the world. Combatting the climate change crisis is a priority for the team at Cazador Cycle and partnering with HUB is one of the ways they are demonstrating their commitment. Cazador Cycle has adopted a “Gap” of the Vancouver bike lane network along with the HUB Cycling campaign, #UnGapTheMap. Un Gap the Map works across Metro Vancouver to identify and upgrade critical areas along the bike network so that more people can cycle more often.
Learn more about Cazador Cycle at cazadorcycle.com