Why bike share when you already own a bike?

February 21, 2017

Since joining HUB Cycling as the Membership Manager in February 2015, I have cycled almost every day to work on my trusty red cruiser.

Although I was excited last summer that Vancouver was finally getting a bike share, my initial reaction to the Mobi launch was, “It’s great for tourists, but not me.  I already have a bike."

Then the non-stop rain came, and with no proper indoor bike parking at the office, I hesitantly purchased a Mobi by Shaw Go membership to avoid parking my bike outside all day.  I haven’t looked back since. And I think my own bike may be feeling a bit neglected!

Other HUB members seem to be following suit.  Melissa says, “Even though I have a bike of my own, being a Mobi member allows me the flexibility to use a bike without committing to riding my own bike all day. It's perfect for days when it may be raining in the morning but dry in the afternoon. I also use it to compliment my commute, mixing it with a skytrain trip from my neighborhood where there is no bike share yet.”

Personally, I have also found the Mobi by ShawGo bikes extremely handy for one-way trips and emergency situations.   The day after I signed up as a Mobi member, I was riding my own bike to a meeting downtown when my tire went flat on Cambie Bridge.  After an initial moment of panic, I remembered my newly purchased Mobi membership. I walked three minutes, found a station under the bridge, locked up my own bike, jumped on a Mobi and made it to the meeting with time to spare.   I now regularly use my Mobi by Shaw Go bike for one-way trips to stores, work or meetings or when I’m going to areas of town known for high rates of bike theft.   My colleagues who don’t live in the downtown core love using their Mobi bikes to supplement public transit.  Taking the sky train or the West Coast Express part of their way to work and then jumping on a Mobi to get to their final destination once they are in the “Mobi zone” helps them avoid  long lines or the hassle of bringing their bikes on crowded trams.   In a recent survey, the vast majority of HUB members admitted to owning more than one bike, but a significant number are also Mobi members.  

Thanks to Mobi by Shaw Go’s new discount for HUB members (and discounted rates on HUB memberships for Mobi members), I am certain that more HUB members, both in and outside of Vancouver will now get to see the benefit and convenience of this great service!

In addition to Mobi by Shaw Go discounts, HUB has also added 5 new bike shops and 1 bike gear shop to the ever growing list of Member Benefit discount providers (current HUB Members login to profile to access promo codes).  Two Wheel Gear, R.A.D Cycles in East Vancouver, Cap’s Bicycles Langley, Village Bikes in Richmond,  South Shore Cycles in North Delta and South Surrey Cycles in Surrey have all agreed to offer discounts to HUB members. 

Not a HUB member? Join HUB at bikehub.ca/join and get a discounted Mobi by ShawGo membership, deals on car sharing, discounts at over 30 bike shops in Metro Vancouver and invites to fun events! Plus you’ll be helping to making biking better and safer across Metro Vancouver.