What are your thoughts on vertical pipe-style fencing on bridges?

April 14, 2022

Certain bridge designs such as on the Ironworker’s Memorial bridge and the northwest end of Queensborough Bridge use a vertical pipe-style fencing (see the photo).​

HUB has received feedback that this kind of means prevention fencing can cause a flashing strobe effect for people riding when the sun is shining between the upright pieces.

The strobing is not only disturbing and disorienting for people cycling but can potentially cause epileptic seizures and flicker vertigo.

HUB Cycling is surveying the local cycling community on whether this type of means prevention fencing has created safety issues amongst the Metro Vancouver cycling community. 

The Pattullo Bridge project is moving ahead with this kind of vertical pipe-style fencing, as the project team doesn’t see any safety issues with the design.

Please take this 2-minute survey and provide us with feedback.

We will use the feedback to formulate an opposition strategy to this design should there be interest from our membership base.



2 minute surveyHUB Cycling Local Committee

If you'd like more information on cycling improvements in your neighbourhood or if you would like to get directly involved in safer cycling in your community, check out the HUB Cycling Local Committee in your local area.  Everyone is welcome, no experience is required.