Volunteer Callout: Local Committee Advocacy Development Group (LCADG)

February 2, 2022

Do you have experience in event planning, workshop facilitation, advocacy, volunteer management, and/or communications? Do you want to help make our advocacy work more effective by supporting capacity-building efforts for our volunteer Local Committees across Metro Vancouver? We are looking for your help!



HUB Cycling is a charitable not-for-profit organization that has spent more than two decades removing barriers to cycling in Metro Vancouver, while cultivating the health, environmental, and economic benefits that active transportation can bring.

Most of our local advocacy work is done by our 10 volunteer-run Local Committees across Metro Vancouver. The committees do this through a variety of means, including letter-writing and meetings with stakeholders and decision makers, assessment and group rides, supporting HUB events, among other activities. The Local Committees are largely focused on advocacy on infrastructure improvements, but there are many different approaches and activities that can advance HUB’s mission to get more people cycling more often.

The Local Committee Advocacy Development Group (LCADG), formerly the Local Committee Action Group and Local Committee Working Group, was formed as part of Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) in 2018 by HUB Board members and Staff to enhance the capacity building efforts of HUB’s 10 Local Committees. Today, the LCADG is represented by current and former HUB Board, staff, and external volunteers. The group is staff-led, and we are looking for co-chairs to lead the advocacy support work.


LCADG’s activities include:

  • Organizing Peer-to-Peer and All-Committee Workshops
  • Supporting staff and board on document creation and updating (Institutional Memory Guide, Youth Advisory Committee Terms of Reference, LC Volunteer Handbook)
  • Supporting LCs (via staff) on topics of interest
  • Discussing strategies to increase the impact of our Local Committees’ advocacy work


Based on the skill sets in the current roster, LCADG is looking for people with the following skills:

  • Event planning and logistics
  • Workshop facilitation (for Peer-to-Peer/All-Committee)
  • Lobbying/advocating background (non-profit and public sector)
  • Experience with volunteer management, recruitment, and retention
  • Knowledge of and experience with communications and grassroots advocacy strategies
  • Experience with conflict management 


What desired demographics and lived experiences would be beneficial to LCADG?

  • Live outside the City of Vancouver
  • Lived experience that would be beneficial in understanding and overcoming barriers to cycling in marginalized communities. This includes immigrants and newcomers, women, indigenous people, people from ethnic and cultural minority groups, people with working-class/low-income backgrounds, and all other kinds of diversity. HUB Cycling’s mission is to get more people cycling more often, and that means everyone, especially those who face the most barriers and marginalization.
  • People who are new to cycling


Time commitment:

  • LCADG meets once monthly, on the fourth Tuesday of each month, from 6:30-8:00 PM. Outside of this meeting, you would spend 1-3 hours supporting the organization of workshops, providing feedback on capacity-building resources, and other support on advocacy development.

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