Voice Your Support for Preserving Arbutus Corridor

August 13, 2014

The Arbutus Corridor is an 11km-long unused rail line that passes through numerous communities and gardens from False Creek to the Fraser River. Currently there are many flourishing community gardens along its length and it has the potential to be a fantastic greenway for active transportation. 

Canadian Pacific owns the line, and despite over a decade of talks, the City of Vancouver and CP have not been able to reach an agreement to sell the land for permanent public use.

In 2000, Vancouver City Council passed a development plan proposing conversion of this land to a multi-use corridor for rail, bicycle, and pedestrian use. This was challenged by CPR, who wished to develop the corridor for other purposes. 

Although the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in the City’s favour in 2006, this month, CP began surveying the line, and clearing unauthorized structures and buildings that, in some cases, have been in place for 25 years.

Maple Community Gardens has started a petition aimed at encouraging and supporting the City of Vancouver in their ongoing negotiations with CP to work together on the Arbutus Corridor development plan. 

Visit the petition page, and voice your support of this preservation effort, and for the future potential of active transportation there.