Vancouver's Transportation 2040 Plan Approved

October 31, 2012

HUB supports the Transportation 2040 Plan as a long term, forward thinking plan integral to building a mobility system that will serve us not only for the next couple of years, but builds in progressive planning that maximizes cost-effectiveness, infrastructure that remains relevant, and public awareness and accessibility of a variety of choices of how to get around.

It is important that the City of Vancouver has clearly indicated the hierarchy of pedestrians and cyclists before transit, before personal vehicles, and this plan outlines more detail on how they see those values playing out in the next 30 years. Having a robust number of trips taken by bicycle enables a transportation network to better support job growth, business development and the efficient movement of people and goods, and this plan outlines many of the ways that this can be supported and realized.
HUB appreciates the inclusion in the plan for safe and accessible streets for all road and sidewalk users and the provision of a range of transportation options. We are particularly proud of the city for recommending an ultimate safety goal to eliminate all fatalities and serious injuries from its transportation system. And to achieve a high level of safety, comfort and choice, the plan has a strong emphasis on the importance of Education and Encouragement, which are too often overlooked in other plans, but they play a key role in creating respectful road users, healthy habits, and safe streets. It is encouraging to see this component in the plan.
Transportation 2040 is a great high level plan that sets the city up for success, to move forward after its approval with public consultation and implementation plans for more specific projects that will embody the principles of good transportation, and best practises from around the world.