Vancouver City Council approves separated bike lane for Cambie Bridge

Separated bike lanes are plentiful in Vancouver, a city with one of the highest number of cyclists in North America. (Tina Lovgreen/CBC)

February 7, 2018

CBC: If Vancouver builds a bike lane and nobody seems to care, can it still be an election issue?
'The debate's over' former NPA councillor Peter Ladner agrees that bike lanes no longer cause the same friction. "I think the debate's over," he said. "There were very irrational fears and I think a lot of those have been put to rest." Continue reading


980 CKNW: Cycling advocate hopes Vancouver will approve Cambie Bridge bike lane
According to the city, more than 80,000 bike trips were taken on the shared path last July, adding that June cycling volumes over the bridge have increased by 86 percent since 2010. Listen in


Vancouver Sun: Exclusive bike lane in cards for Cambie Bridge
Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association CEO Charles Gauthier said his organization is supportive of projects that make the downtown “accessible to all modes of transportation,” including the Cambie Bridge bike lane. Continue reading


CBC: Sharp rise in injuries reported on Cambie Bridge as council considers new bike lane
Bike advocate Jeff Leigh of HUB Cycling said the new lane is necessary to protect pedestrians using the shared pathway. "As traffic has grown across the bridge, both walking and cycling, we see that there's a lot of congestion and dangerous situations," Leigh said. Continue reading


The Lynda Steele Show: Council will Vote on a Bike Lane on the Cambie Street Bridge
This will make it safer for people walking and people biking. Tune in