URGENT: We need your help to get Active Mobility Lanes on Broadway!

Vancouver's Broadway Street crowded with heavy vehicle traffic.

March 23, 2023

HUB Cycling needs your help today to show Vancouver's mayor and councilors the level of support for safe and comfortable Active Mobility lanes on Broadway. As you probably know, after considerable pressure from HUB members and the general public, the council passed an amendment to the Broadway Plan last year directing staff to include Active Mobility lanes along Broadway and to report back with options. This staff report will be presented to Council on Wednesday, March 29th

Unfortunately, the report recommends Active Mobility lanes not be included, contrary to public opinion and direction from councilors.  

During the 2022 municipal elections, three candidates explicitly supported bike lanes on shopping streets (like Broadway). Three others, the incumbents (Kirby-Yung, Dominato, Bligh) voted for an amendment to include AAA lanes on Broadway. See the chart below.


This is our last chance to convince the city that a rebuilt Broadway can only meet the city's own environmental, active transportation, and economic goals if Active Mobility lanes are included. Without these lanes, micro-mobility devices will compete with people walking on the sidewalks, people on bikes will avoid Broadway businesses, and the city's target of 66% trips being without a vehicle will be impossible to meet.

HUB Cycling's position paper on this issue with more details can be found here, and the staff report is here.

We must tell the mayor and council to REJECT the staff recommendation and instead choose option 2 or 3 in the report that includes Active Mobility lanes on Broadway.

1) Consider speaking at the Council meeting on Wednesday, March 29. Register to speak here.

2) Email councilors, telling them what you think about this issue.  Use our position paper for the background, but put it in your own words.  This is more effective than a petition or form letter. Copy vancouver@bikehub.ca, so that we can reinforce your message. Direct email addresses of councilors and the mayor are below (you can include them all in a single email):


And remember to cc us at vancouver@bikehub.ca.

Thank you for joining us in pushing the city to make the right decision on Broadway!