Update on NW Marine Drive in Vancouver

October 15, 2014

Recently, there has been some concern about right of way and by-laws governing use of NW Marine Drive and adjacent sidewalks between the beaches at Spanish Banks, and Chancellor Boulevard at UBC. 

Signage which directs cyclists to share narrow sidewalks with pedestrians has been of particular concern to HUB, our members, and to the growing volumes of people using the paths and roadway to enjoy our parks and the spectacular views they provide the public - on foot and by bike.

Although the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MOTI), the body responsible for this area, has now responded to these concerns, in the interim users have had to choose between cycling on a narrow path (risking the safety of pedestrians), and the road (risking a fine by the RCMP for by-law infraction).

Between 2013 and 2014, HUB and MOTI were in communication about these concerns, with some promise of review and remedy by MOTI.

While this process was recently compromised by the unauthorized and illegal removal of existing signage (since replaced), MOTI has informed HUB that the area and ongoing situation on NW Marine Drive has been assessed, and a solution has been identified.

Implementation of new rules and signage is expected in mid-October; this will include removal of the existing sign, and addition of “Share the Road” signs.

HUB supports the Ministry's signage change and also requests:

  • Signage should state that cyclists may also use the path
  • The very narrow strip just beyond the sign should be fixed
  • Reflectors should not be placed on roads with inadequate shoulders
  • Reducing the speed limit on that section to 30 km/hr

Our contacts at MOTI would like HUB and our members, and all Metro Vancouver residents and visitors more broadly, to know that they take the safety and accessibility of our entire transportation system very seriously, including cycling infrastructure, especially as more and more people explore our region by bike.

We will keep you informed as to when the solution has been implemented. Thank you for your feedback on this issue.