Tips on Sharing the Road from Mainroad

May 17, 2021

Looking to dust off your bike and get outside this spring? Now is a great time to hop back on your bike or pick up cycling as a new mode of transportation! We want to make sure that as you’re heading out, you’re equipped with some useful tips!


As a cyclist, it’s important that you:

1. Plan your route. This can help identify bike routes that are best suited for your comfort level. If you’re a new biker, you may feel more comfortable riding on designated and protected bike lanes. You can find more information on local bike routes in your area here

2. Obey the same rules as other users on the road. This means being predictable to other users. Make sure you are using the correct hand signals when you are turning and give space to other road users. 


As a driver, it’s important that you:

1. Be vigilant, especially near people who bike. When driving near a bike lane, ensure that you are checking your side mirrors and bling spots regularly.

2. Be cautious opening your vehicle’s door. Another common area of concern for both cyclists and drivers is the opening of car doors. As you are about to open your door, make sure that you scan the area, and use the ‘Dutch Reach’, opening the door with the hand farthest away from the door, forcing you to look over your shoulder and check for oncoming cyclists. 

We hope these tips help you stay safe while on the road. We can all enjoy the road if we all keep an eye out for each other! For more information, be sure to check out Mainroad’s Share the Road campaign here.

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