The Patio Series ft. Breweries

October 23, 2020

Outdoor patios are helping Metro Vancouver’s breweries double capacity and continue to quench beer lovers’ thirst during tough times.


You might have noticed more tents, string lights and heaters popping up across Metro Vancouver’s public spaces. Businesses have been working hard to winterize their outdoor patios so they can safely accommodate more residents to keep sipping into the colder months. 

With the patio program originally set to end in two weeks, the province and many municipalities have extended the patio program until October 31st of 2021. The rule allowing restaurants and bars to sell and deliver alcohol for off-site consumption will now expire on March 31, 2021, the province said.

TransLink and HUB have teamed up to highlight some of the best patios across Metro Vancouver for the last few weeks. This week, we had the chance to speak to a few breweries across Metro Van about their patios.


Container Brewing 

1216 Franklin St., Vancouver

Container Brewing in East Vancouver is one of the newer breweries in town. Aside from brewing fantastic beer, they’re big fans of active transportation! Container has a patio that fits 48 folks (and 42 safely distanced inside)! Dan, Container Brewing’s Cofounder, told us that about 60 to 70% of their customers come by walking, cycling and transit. “As cyclists ourselves (both my business partner, Terry, and I have been passionate cyclists for over 25 years) we are big fans of keeping car traffic down, and increasing cycling traffic in any way, shape or form we can.”


Container Brewing also just launched a new beer as part of a fundraiser for a wonderful cycling and outdoors charity. Learn more at:


Four Winds
4-7355 72nd St, Delta

Be sure to head over to Four Winds and get cozy at their outdoor beer garden. October 16th marked the opening of their new and improved outdoor space. They’ve just installed a 20’ x 60’ tent with lights and heaters.  We caught up with Adam Mills, Cofounder of Four Winds Brewing in Delta, who told us that the addition of their patio has allowed them to get back up to full capacity and more than doubled their current indoor seating count.

Cruise over by bike or on transit. “We get a good amount of cyclists, especially on the weekends and transit is always a great choice when wanting to come for a tasting.” Adam explains. “Come visit us for a beer and meal! Our kitchen offers some amazing homemade tacos, tapas, and burgers!” 


Dageraad Brewing
#114, 3191 Thunderbird Cres., Burnaby

Burnaby has also extended their patio program until October 31, 2021. We caught up with Ben from Dageraad Brewing that told us they just put tents over the outdoor tables last week and the beers are flowing!  
While the pop-up patios have been a saving grace for many businesses this year, they are built to be temporary. “I'd love to build something more permanent and more lovely, but I've been given no indication that we'll be able to extend it past next year.” Ben remarked.
Our friends at Dageraad are also promoting the use of bikes and transit to get around:
“I am a huge booster of non-car-based transportation, partly for environmental reasons, but also because cars are bad for cities. Parking and busy roadways kill street life and ruin a lot of the things that make living in a city worthwhile. It's a vicious cycle -- the more cars there are, the more parking there is, the wider roads are and the less practical and pleasant it is to travel by any other means. There simply isn't room for everyone to drive a car.”
Luckily you can head on over to Dageraad on two wheels, on foot, or on transit. “We have a bike rack outfront, just a few months ago the City of Burnaby finally added sidewalks to our street (yay!) and we're just 500 meters from a Skytrain stop.” 
Dagaraad have a beer release most Thursdays, they always have a guest cider on tap, and often have an interesting guest beer on tap too.  



The BC Ale Trail

Looking to venture even further for your next beer? Have you heard of the BC Ale Trail? For more breweries across BC check out the BC Ale Trail here.
Dress warmly (perhaps even a blanket for yourself) if you’re heading out onto patios this year or order to go. Let’s keep supporting our favourite local breweries all year long!
"Taking transit is a safe way to get around to Metro Vancouver’s best breweries and enjoy a drink responsibly with friends and family. For the past 44 years, TransLink has helped save lives on New Year’s Eve by offering free bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus rides to residents."