Surrey Cycling Plan Approved

July 25, 2012

The City of Surrey just approved their Cycling Plan. The Plan is organized around 4 principles, each supported by a strategic objective:

  • Making Connections: Expand and improve the on- and off-street cycling network. 
  • Providing Door-to-Door Service: Increase the availability, quality, and variety of end-of-trip facilities. 
  • Managing and Maintaining the Network: Keep the network safe, visible, and in optimum condition. 
  • Promoting Cycling: Promote safe cycling as a healthy, fun and sustainable way to travel.

Read the full plan here

View the video summary here

Congratulations to the HUB Surrey Committee on their hard work and involvement on this plan. “It’s definitely a long time in coming,” Tim Yzerman, the committee chair, said. “It really lays out a good plan of how to go forward.”