Road Safety 101: How to be a bike-friendly driver

September 23, 2021

Our research shows that Metro Vancouver’s cycling network nearly tripled over the last decade. With such strong and continued growth of the cycling community, it’s important that everyone using the road knows how to engage with one another. 

As part of our partnership with Uber Canada to increase bike safety, we’re sharing a refresher for drivers to remind them of the best ways to share the road safely with people on bikes. 



Here are some basic steps to safely share the road with people on bikes:


  1. Slow down. This can reduce the likelihood of hitting people on bikes and others using the road, allowing you more time to respond to unexpected obstacles. Remember, speed limits are limits, not minimums.
  2. Yield the right of way to a person on a bike – just as you would any other slow-moving vehicle. For example, give a person on a bike extra time to get through an intersection.  Always signal your turns, and make sure the intersection is clear before turning.
  3. Allow 1.5 meters of space between your car and the bike. When passing a person on a bike, leave at least 1.5 meters of space between the widest part of your car and the widest part of the bike. We’re currently in the process of asking the provincial government to enact a Safe Passing Law in BC.
  4. Before opening your door, use the ‘dutch reach’. Open the door with the hand farthest away from the door, allowing you to look over your door-side shoulder to make sure there aren’t any people approaching on bikes, scooters, or other vehicles. If you have passengers, please remind them to do the same. Check out this video from Uber Canada on how to do the dutch reach.
  5. Never stop in the bike lane, not even for a minute. It is extremely dangerous, and in most places, illegal. It’s better to find a safe place to stop next to the curb or in a nearby driveway.


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