Port Mann Bridge Cycling & Walking Path Complete, Highlights Need for AAA Connectivity

July 2, 2015

The Port Mann Highway 1 improvement project reached a major milestone on July 1, 2015, with the opening of a protected path for walking and cycling.

Port Mann Bridge multi-use path

The 3m-wide multi-use path provides a connection between Surrey and Coquitlam for bike and pedestrian traffic.

In Surrey, the 112 Avenue overpass provides all ages and abilities (AAA) bicycle and foot traffic access to the Port Mann Bridge multi-use path on the east side of Highway 1. 

In Coquitlam, connecting to or from the bridge path is recommended only for those with road cycling experience, and confidence riding alongside fast-moving, high volume motor vehicle traffic. In addition to the lack of protected or separated bike lanes, directional signage for wayfinding is insufficient or absent, and there is ongoing construction in the area.

While HUB appreciates the delivery of a new bridge crossing for active transportation between these two growing municipalities, the existence of new cycling infrastructure for a portion of the regional cycling network without related improvements at key points in destination communities can often introduce unexpected traffic behaviour by all modes of travel.

When directed towards these 'gaps' in the network, new bike and foot traffic may present new safety risks for everyone involved - including recreational and commuter cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicle traffic.

HUB Cycling strongly urges the Ministry of Transportation to complete its delivery of an integrated, AAA Port Mann Bridge multi-use path system in Coquitlam, including:

  • Consultation with local stakeholders on near-term wayfinding and signage needs
  • Implementation of pedestrian and cycling counts on the bridge this summer, on a frequent basis, in order to establish baseline path usage, and to monitor change over time
  • Lead a coalition of stakeholders, including regional and local governments, private land owners and HUB Cycling, and other stakeholder groups, on the rehabilitation and construction of active transportation corridors that will connect to the bridge path for all ages and abilities cycling and walking:
    • To Coquitlam, via United Boulevard from Fawcett to King Edward (westbound)
    • To Coquitlam, via United Boulevard to Lougheed Highway (northbound)
    • To Port Coquitlam & Pitt Meadows via Mary Hill Bypass and Traboulay PoCo Trail

For tips on connecting to the Port Mann Bridge in Coquitlam via Lougheed, United Boulevard and Mary Hill Bypass, visit www.bikehub.ca/tricities, and follow the Tri-Cities online communities to join the conversation.

To view our Facebook album of photos from the opening ride, click here or on the image on this page.