Point Grey/Cornwall Corridor Project

February 1, 2013

Have your say! A HUB survey identified this corridor - an important connection between the Burrard Street Bridge and Jericho Beach - as Vancouver respondents' top choice for installing a separated cycling facility. HUB's Vancouver/UBC committee has prepared its own assessment of this corridor. 

You can complete the City Survey here. HUB recommends the direct route with separated bike paths.

The False Creek South Neighbourhood Association has expressed concerns about some cyclists speeding along the False Creek Seawall. This area is a shared path which is heavily used by both cyclists and pedestrians. HUB is very much in favour of separated facilities on both roads and shared paths in order to allow for the most comfortable and safe movement of users. This perspective is shared by the Cycling in Cities research team as seen here, which indicates that multi-use paths are not very safe. We promote respectful sharing of our multi-use paths, including parts of the seawall - both as pedestrians and cyclists- so that we can all enjoy the beauty and separation from motor vehicles.