Pattullo Bridge replacement will include cycling lanes on both sides of the bridge

February 16, 2018

The Provincial Government announced today that it will be replacing the aging Pattullo Bridge and that the new bridge will include cycling lanes, separated from traffic, on both sides of the bridge.

"By incorporating separated bike lanes in both directions, the design team and the Provincial Government have shown their commitment to Mayors’ Transportation Plan. The five priorities outlined in the Mayors’ Plan provide a unified foundation to implement safer roads for all modes of transportation," says Navdeep Chhina, HUB Cycling's Director of Communications.

CBC: Cyclists cheer plans to replace aging Pattullo Bridge
HUB Cycling Network Surrey & White Rock chair Tim Yzerman says the path is so narrow, two cyclists heading in opposite directions don't have enough room to pass each other. "It's pretty rough," he said. "Whoever goes uphill pretty much knows that they should stop and wait for the downhill person to go by." Read more

HUB's Director of Communications Navdeep Chhina speaks with reporters at the Patullo Bridge Announcement on February 16th

What the new protected bike lanes will look like.