Not a HUB Member? 5 Reasons to Join

Family cycling safely

June 17, 2019

Ever wondered why anyone would join HUB Cycling as a card-carrying member?

Well for starters, not only do HUB Cycling members provide a powerful voice for safer and better biking in Metro Vancouver, but they get lots of great discounts and benefits. All for as little as $15 per year. That's a measly 4 cents per day!

If you value safer and better biking across Metro Vancouver for all ages and abilities, here are 5 more reasons to join HUB.

  1. We actively campaign across the lower mainland for better and safer bicycle infrastructure. From our campaign to update the BC Motor Vehicle Act to our #UnGaptheMap campaign to create a connected and safe cycling network across the region, we are your voice when it comes to standing up for you and your family and friends' right to bike safely.Family cycling
  2. We're having a positive impact on the cycling landscape of Metro Vancouver. Bikes on transit, cycling education in Metro Vancouver schools, separated bike lanes on bridges across the region - just a few of the many things HUB and its members have helped bring to fruition over the last two decades.
  3. A membership pays for itself over the course of the year. Our members get great benefits, including discounts at over 40 bike stores, deals on car sharing, discounts to our events and cycling courses.
  4. We're educating the safe cyclists of tomorrow. We're educating the next generation of cyclists by teaching safe cycling in Metro Vancouver schools and to youth and adults.
  5. We're bicycle thought leaders - advising businesses and local governments on how to facilitate better biking in their neighborhoods. We are also working with organizations like Translink, BC Ferries and local governments, advising on streamlining bicycle infrastructure and helping them design streets that are safe for all ages and abilities of people on bikes.

Join HUB today or renew your membership and help us get more people cycling more often, making Metro Vancouver a greener, happier and safer place to live.