New Bike Facilities Spring Wins

May 9, 2016

Spring of 2016 has brought a blossoming of better bike infrastructure in Metro Vancouver. Here is a sampling of new bike things this spring:

  • The launch of public bike share was announced in Vancouver
  • Four downtown Vancouver bike lanes are being created or improved this spring, in time for the launch of bike share. The City plans were good, and consultations we were a part of made them even better for people biking - adding more protection for the many more people that are cycling, which brings us to the exciting announcement last week:
  • Vancouver has reached 10% of trips to work made by bike - topping the North American charts!
  • The City also approved fixes to South False Creek Seawall, including a bike bypass, a flat but faster alternative to the bustling Seawall on a busy spring day.
  • Port Coquitlam is considering a bike lane on McLean - you can encourage them to say yes here
  • New West is investigating an uptown - downtown bike route to connect the city's two biggest destinations
  • Surrey Bend Regional Park opened with over 2 km of new multi-use trails
  • In Surrey, separated bike lanes were recently finished on 105 A avenue between University Drive and Whalley Boulevard and the city is considering multi-use pathways and cycle tracks throughout the City Centre and protected intersections
  • In North Vancouver, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure hosted an active transportation workshop for the new Mountain Highway Interchange. Based on input from HUB and other stakeholders the Ministry is now working on a detailed design that provides more safety for people on bikes and better separation from vehicle traffic and pedestrians
  • The District of North Vancouver approved plans for the Lynn Creek Town Centre that will include protected bike lanes on its major streets Mountain Highway and Crown Street, as well as greenways and park paths
  • The Arbutus Corridor was bought by the City of Vancouver, to be turned into an active transportation greenway


Want to be a part of better biking moving forward?