Media Release: Hundreds Shop By Bike during Inaugural Bike to Shop Day

August 18, 2016

Local Businesses see value in attracting people on bikes  

Vancouver, BC (August 17, 2016): Street-side celebrations, free tune-ups and snacks, and prizes marked HUB’s inaugural Bike to Shop Day on August 13th.

965 people registered online for Bike to Shop Day and more than 1500 attended the outdoor events, rode on a guided shopping ride or simply shopped by bike at local businesses. 33 stores offered discounts to their pedalling customers that day.

“People who use bikes for transportation tend to shop more locally and have more disposable income to spend at local restaurants and shops,” says Alyshia Burak, HUB’s Bike to Shop Day Manager. “So many businesses in Metro Vancouver want to support and attract people on bikes so it was great to be able to highlight some of them.”

Many business improvement associations have begun to recognize the benefits of attracting customers who bike, walk or take transit to their shops. The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association as well as the Gastown Business Improvement Association all sponsored Bike to Shop Day events in their business districts.

“Cycling for transportation is growing, and quickly,” explains Laura Jane, Director of Corporate Engagement and Events at HUB Cycling. “Most people’s trips to shop are a shorter distance than their trips to work so going shopping by bike is a great way to start riding for transportation. Most of our errands can be done easily - and often faster - by bicycle”.  

According to HUB Cycling, the goal of Bike to Shop Day is for participants to continue to use bikes for transportation beyond the events. Bike to Shop Day drew upon the success of ten years of Bike to Work Week events.

Bike to Shop Day was made possible by the Employment Program of British Columbia’s Job Creation Partnerships Program, which is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

Available Photos and Resources:

Photos from the events for media use can be downloaded from here. Additional photos available upon request.


“I wanted to say thanks for organizing a great day and to tell you how glad we were to be a part of it. Cycling is near and dear to my heart so I was excited to get on board.  I know we had a few people come through who had never heard of us so if only to raise awareness of our shop I think it was a success.” - David, Local Business Owner

“I have been using pannier bags for shopping on my bikes since 1969, it is just the natural thing to do. I live about 1 km from Stong’s, our closest grocery store, so walking is possible, but carrying 4 litres of milk, a common purchase, is way less strain by bike” - Bike to Shop Day Participant

“I do drive to shop once in a while, but my bike is way better. Bike parking is free, closer to my destinations, and just zero hassle. Bike routes like Trafalgar Street, 10th Avenue and Off Broadway are quiet and relaxing on a bike.” - Bike to Shop Day Participant

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Alyshia Burak

Bike to Shop Day Manager


Laura Jane

Director of Corporate Engagement and Events


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Mathieu Beaudoin

Bike to Shop Day Event Coordinator


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