Mayors' Council Approves New Transportation Plan & Funding Recommendation

June 12, 2014

The Mayors' Council passed the new transportation & funding recommendations which include vital improvements to the transit, biking and walking system in Metro Vancouver. Congratulations to all the mayors and staff that worked tirelessly on this to come together across 23 municipalities with a really healthy plan to move forward.

Next, the Province must approve it and decide if it goes to a public referendum for the final decision.

The plan includes:

  • average $15million for cycling/year over ten years (a ten-fold increase from current reduced levels)
  • 2,700 new kilometres of bikeways
  • new light rail in Surrey
  • Broadway corridor rapid transit extension to Arbutus
  • 11 new B-line bus routes
  • 50% more Seabus service
  • 25% bus service increase
  • 80% more night bus service
  • among many other improvements

The Mayors’ Council Vision for Metro Vancouver will reduce traffic congestion by 10%, allowing drivers and transit users to save 20–30 minutes per day on some of the region’s most congested corridors. 70% of Metro Vancouver residents will have access to more frequent transit throughout the region.

For more information, including a video summary of the plan, visit