Major Bike Network (MBN) Map and Areas of High Cycling Potential

People ride their bikes along the Arbutus Greenway in Vancouver

July 27, 2022

TransLink developed the first Major Bikeway Network (MBN) concept in 2011 as part of the Regional Cycling Strategy. The MBN has expanded in 2022 as part of Transport 2050, TransLink’s updated 30-year Regional Transportation Strategy.

The Major Bikeway Network (MBN) is a proposed 850-kilometre network of safe and comfortable cycling facilities. Areas of high cycling potential, which can include Urban Centres and major destinations, are linked across Metro Vancouver. These high potential areas are relatively flat with mixed land uses, higher density, and street networks that are connected and dense. It builds on existing regional cycling networks (approximately 250 kilometres of MBN facilities as of 2021). The MBN is intended to make it safer, more comfortable, and more convenient for people to use active transportation, including e-assist bikes and e-assist scooters, for longer-distance trips between Urban Centres and shorter trips within communities. 

Purpose of MBN:

  1. Provide Regional Connections
  2. Support More People Cycling
  3. Support Diverse Users
  4. Complement Local Cycling Networks


Essential Elements of MBN:

  1. Excellent Bikeways
  2. Excellent Intersections
  3. Good Lighting
  4. Branding and Wayfinding
  5. Good Maintenance
  6. End of Trip Amenities

Get a detailed overview of the Metro Vancouver Major Bikeway Network (MBN) at


Download the MBN overview PDF


Cycle Highways and the MBN  

The Major Bikeway Network is very similar in concept to cycle highways, which are being implemented worldwide. Cycle highways are safe, comfortable, long-distance, intuitive, and fast bikeways with limited stopping. Learn more about cycle highways and their connection to the MBN. 

HUB Cycling looks forward to continuing working with TransLink and regional municipal authorities to build out the MBN so that active transportation is a competitive choice that is equitable, reliable, affordable, safe, and comfortable for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.