Langley Cycling Gets Support from New HUB Committee

June 10, 2015

Volunteers Will Meet Monthly to Improve Local Cycling

Support for local cycling is getting a big boost in Langley, with the recent formation of a Langley-based HUB Cycling committee.

HUB Cycling, a charitable non-profit which delivers bike education in schools, workplaces and community centres across Metro Vancouver - as well as hosting the popular Bike to Work Week event - has established a volunteer-run committee, which will meet monthly to improve cycling conditions and issues in Langley City and Township.

HUB Langley's new chair says there's much to do in the Langleys, and the committee will rely on community members to represent the many issues that make local cycling dangerous for kids, families, and even experienced, competitive sport cyclists.

"Lots of people in Langley love to cycle, and the area draws an enormous amount of weekend, recreational cyclists to South Langley, Aldergrove, and especially the Fort Langley area," said Dan Millsip, chair of HUB Langley. "The challenge is that we have virtually no infrastructure to support transportation by bike. Currently no transit centres in Langley have bike lane access. Schools are isolated, with no safe cycling approaches - few parents let their child bike to school. And there isn't a single bike lane to downtown Langley."

With the new Langley committee, Metro Vancouver is well represented by 10 HUB Cycling local committees, which work closely with local governments, community groups and the Province of British Columbia to improve cycling infrastructure, policies and standards related to bike facilities across the region.

"We feel it is important to expand beyond sport and recreational cycling to include kids and schools, families, commuters and people who don't yet feel safe biking on the roads," said Alexander Clarkson, President of the Board at HUB Cycling. "Dan approached us with a lot of ideas, passion, and the names of well over 150 people interested in supporting the committee. That's all it took."

In addition to working with City and Township mayors, councillors and staff to support greater infrastructure investments and bike-friendly policies, the committee plans to work with local bike shops, parents and schools to encourage cycling education and events.

"As much as we have work to do on the ground, cycling is also supposed to be fun," said Millsip. "This is a beautiful corner of Metro Vancouver, with lots of country roads, historical sites and an attractive downtown core. We just want to help people enjoy it on two wheels."

HUB Langley has its first public meeting on Wednesday, June 17 at 7:30pm at the Township of Langley Civic Facility (Murray Creek Room) 20338 - 65 Avenue. All are welcome, no experience is required.

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