HUB to Survey Candidates on Cycling Platforms

October 14, 2014

Results of ‘Vote to Bike’ campaign will be publicized prior to election day 

With one month until Metro Vancouver residents vote in municipal elections, local non-profit HUB Cycling is asking over 400 mayor, council and parks board candidates about their policies regarding cycling investments and related infrastructure in the region.

In a survey to be sent out this week, each candidate will be asked two questions about cycling, with results of the survey to be published the prior to the November 15th election.

"We want our members, as well as all voters in the region, to understand where the candidates stand on cycling," said Erin O'Melinn, HUB executive director. "As with past provincial and municipal elections, many people want to have the opportunity to vote for transportation platforms they agree with, but it can be hard to get this information."

O'Melinn says HUB's nine local committees, representing 16 of the most populous areas of Metro Vancouver, contributed to developing the survey questions themselves. "More separated lanes on the busiest roadways and better connections are the improvements identified most often, but there are also unique issues within each city and district, and voters should have the opportunity to understand how each candidate would address them."

All candidates will be given up to 10 days to complete the survey, which will be distributed using contact information made publicly available following last week’s electoral filing deadline. 

Between now and the election, HUB will be using the hashtag #votetobike on Twitter and its Vote to Bike Facebook page to engage the public in discussion of cycling issues in municipalities across Metro Vancouver including survey.

“Our population is growing and the space we have is not. Cycling is both cost effective and space effective, and is the fastest growing mode of transportation. Anyone seeking elected office needs to be aware of the needs for more cycling infrastructure and education in all communities,” said O’Melinn. “The results of this survey will help voters know which candidates would support cycling as a way to reduce congestion, and improve community health and connectivity.”

Candidates have until October 24th at 6pm to complete the HUB Vote to Bike survey, the results of which will be published in November, prior to election day.