HUB Statement on the Vancouver Park Board Decision Regarding Kits Beach & Hadden Park

February 18, 2014

On February 17th, 2014, the Vancouver Park Board gave direction to discontinue proceeding with any options for a new bike path through Hadden Park or at Kits Beach. 

The Park Board will explore other ways to improve safety on the existing route through Hadden and Kitsilano Beach Park; some funds from this project will also be re-allocated to other pedestrian and cycling safety priorities that exist elsewhere around the city, under Park Board jurisdiction.

HUB is disappointed that the 28km of separated bike route on Vancouver’s Seawall will include this single instance of merged bike and foot traffic into a single, already overcrowded path. We believe the path is and will continue to be a safety hazard. It is unclear what other safety improvements the Parks Board can make on the existing path. 

The alternative is for people to bike on the road, which is not a comfortable option for all ages and abilities. Without separation from car traffic, many people who would like to bike through Kits — especially kids, families and tourists — will feel less safe doing so, which will reduce the number of people being active through cycling.