HUB Cycling’s Biggest Bike Education Season Ever

August 9, 2022

Over the last four months, HUB Cycling has worked with thousands of children and adults to support them in their journey to cycling. Cycling education will empower them to cycle more often and comfortably.

We are proud to announce that HUB Cycling has just completed our biggest bike education season ever.

  • 9,819 elementary students at 92 schools in Metro Vancouver participated in a Bike to School course
  • 3,559 students in 35 schools outside Metro Vancouver (including Victoria, Squamish, Kelowna and the Kootenays) participated in an Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 course
  • Over 500 people participated in a live webinar or in-person StreetWise course
  • Over 300 adults enrolled in HUB Cycling’s free StreetWise Cycling Online course
  • Over 100 adults have learned to ride a bike or participated in a course at our new StreetWise Education center at Trout Lake
  • 77 youth participated in a Community Mapping by Bike Program specialized for Indigenous & racialized youth. Each child came away from the program with their own bike, helmet, lock & lights, as well as the knowledge to navigate their neighbourhood by bike.


Emma’s Story

Eight year-old Emma stands beside her bike. She is wearing a red helmet, navy long sleeve shirt and patterned pink leggings. Her bike is baby pink with a small white basket at the front.

Eight-year-old Emma recently received a HUB Cycling Learn2Ride cycling course in her grade three class at her elementary school. She fell in love with biking saying, "Biking is amazing and a quicker way to get to school."

Her father, Wei, bought Emma a bike after the course and Emma now rides her bike to school.

Wei says, "Biking helps us to go farther from home. We can go to the beach and extend how far we can go. I can run with Emma to school when she is riding her bike."







Student and Teacher Testimonials


“I think I will ride more after the course because it’s a way to improve your mental health and have fun at the same time!” - Grade 7 Student, Fraser River Middle, New Westminster.A bike education instructor kneels on the ground beside a bike as he turns the pedal with his hands. Two young buys watch him and learn.

"I will ride my bike more after this course because I will feel more free than when I am in a car." - Grade 7 Student, McNeely Elementary, Richmond.

“Thank you so much for organizing the workshops at Central this year. Everything was fantastic: the instructors, bikes, course, information. The students were absolutely thrilled. There were some students who had never been on a bike before until your workshop and everyone learned so MUCH!!!" - Jen Pakulak, Community Facilitator, Central Elementary, Port Coquitlam.

"Students thoroughly enjoyed the cycling workshop. It was nicely presented with important information that students and staff needed to know about bike safety. The hands-on approach with learning how to cycle was enjoyed by all. Thank you for delivering a very worthwhile workshop for students at Creekside. Much appreciated." - Jatinder Jassal, Grade 3/4 Teacher, Creekside Elementary, Surrey.

HUB Cycling relies on donations from generous supporters like you to keep our cycling education courses free or low-cost to people of all ages and abilities. Any gift from you helps us in our mission to provide universal cycling education for all.

Will you help us continue our work providing universal cycling education to people in Metro Vancouver?