HUB Cycling partners with Uber Canada to Increase Bike Safety

July 13, 2021

To help educate even more Canadians on bike safety, HUB Cycling is excited to partner with Uber Canada on a campaign aimed to prevent dooring incidents between people cycling and people driving. Research shows that getting hit by an opening car door is one of the top collisions between cars and bikes. In fact, 1 in 7 bike crashes in Vancouver are from dooring.

As a technology company that facilitates multimodal travel, Uber is committed to the safety of all road users. Working together, HUB and Uber will share safety information with drivers to help protect people cycling and keep the roads safe for all users as we begin to travel again.

This month, drivers using the Uber app in the service area in Vancouver and surrounding municipalities will also receive a sticker approved by HUB Cycling, to remind passengers to look for people on bikes before opening the car door. Decals can be placed on the rear passenger side windows so riders will be reminded to check for people cycling before exiting. 

As riders are about to open the door, HUB Cycling recommends using the ‘Dutch Reach’ technique, which requires people to open the door with the hand farthest away from the door, forcing them to look over their shoulder and check for oncoming cyclists.



This work builds on Uber’s existing bike safety efforts and in-app features including driver hour limits, bike lane alerts, and seatbelt information encouraging all passengers to buckle up. 

“Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Uber, and our partnership with HUB Cycling will help prevent injuries to bicyclists, and better inform drivers on how to keep everyone on the road safe,” said Matthew Price, GM of Uber Canada. 

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