HUB Cycling partners with DoorDash to Increase Road Safety

June 30, 2021

There is much to be done to improve the safety of vulnerable road users in British Columbia. With numerous deliveries made each day by bike – many by Dashers in Vancouver - road safety is a top priority for DoorDash. That is why HUB Cycling is excited to partner with the platform on a series of new initiatives to make the streets safer for everyone, including those that deliver meals and other essentials on bikes.

"This partnership with HUB Cycling is a good example of DoorDash listening to Dashers and prioritizing our needs,” said Dave King, a Vancouver-based Dasher. “As a Dasher who delivers by bike, I know our roads aren’t as safe as they can be. I’m proud to say that I work with a platform that is actively working to make Vancouver a safer city for cyclists.”

In order to better serve all people cycling, and especially Dashers, our partnership will launch three new educational elements, benefitting Dashers and other cyclists throughout Metro Vancouver:

  1. Dashers will gain access to HUB Cycling’s StreetWise Cycling online program, which provides education that builds participants’ skills and knowledge to become safe, confident, respectful riders. This course has compiled key concepts from HUB Cycling’s catalog of StreetWise courses and presents them in a straightforward and interactive manner.
  2. Two webinars designed to provide Dashers with helpful cycling training, specific to delivering in Vancouver will be hosted this summer.
  3. A digital safety campaign will be launched to increase awareness of bike safety and the rules of the road in the Vancouver area.

Additionally, DoorDash is supporting HUB Cycling’s work with municipalities, TransLink, and the provincial government to #UnGapTheMap across Metro Vancouver so that more people can cycle more often. 

Over 40% of people want to cycle in Metro Vancouver but currently don’t, and for many of them it’s because they are scared of unsafe route conditions. In a recent survey conducted by the City of Surrey, 70% of the respondents want to cycle more often. #UnGapTheMap is a coordinated effort by HUB Cycling in close collaboration with ten local HUB committees across Metro Vancouver to identify priority cycling infrastructure gaps by qualitative criteria related to ridership impact, utility, safety, and feasibility. Using this framework, over 400 priority gaps have been identified. Fixing these critical gaps will help keep people cycling, including Dashers, as safe as possible.

DoorDash will also be the presenting sponsor of HUB Cycling’s fall Go by Bike Week happening from September 27-October 3, 2021. As COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, we are excited to be planning for a full in-person roster of stations during the event - see you on the streets!