HUB Concerns about the Q2Q Bridge in New Westminster

February 10, 2016

The City of New Westminster is planning to build a new bridge for cycling and walking, connecting Queensborough and Downtown New Westminster. The 'Q2Q' Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridge will serve as a critical connection in the regional cycling network.  

After receiving public feedback in 2013, and conducting focused consultation with marine stakeholders, the City chose a stand-alone double bascule (drawbridge) design, which was presented at an Open House in December.

The HUB New Westminster Committee has several concerns with the designs presented:  

  • At 3 metres wide, the proposed bridge would be very narrow - below standard for a shared, multi-use path.  
  • The slopes on the bridge would be as high as 8% grade, beyond that which would make it accessible to all ages and abilities (AAA).
  • The width and grades of the bridge are expected to create conflict between users on bicycle, foot and those using the bridge for sightseeing. 
  • As proposed, the bridge will not include ramps, requiring use of elevators or stairs to reach the bridge, limiting accessibility and discouraging use. 
  • Planned nightly closures from 11pm-6am will further limit accessibility and discourage use. 

As proposed, the bridge fails to meet two design principles that the City has set for the crossing:

  • "To ensure integration of landings with adjacent pathways and cycling networks, and the safe interaction of pedestrians and cyclists”; and
  • To be universally accessible, including to those in strollers and wheelchairs, with special consideration to how pedestrians and cyclists can safely access nearby pathways.”

If you share concerns about the Q2Q Bridge design, visit the project page on the City of New Westminster website, and find our how to be part of next steps in the public consultation process.

The public is invited to attend HUB New Westminster Committee meetings to support efforts to make cycling better in the city - join the committee the fourth Wednesday of the month. More information on the HUB New Westminster web page.