How to be More Sustainable this Bike to Work Week

October 19, 2019

Fall Bike to Work Week also coincides with Waste Reduction Week this year! 


Cycling to work is already an excellent choice in taking steps towards reducing your carbon footprint, but what else can you do during the week? To make this Bike to Work Week the most environmentally friendly to date, we suggest considering the following: 


  1. Bring your own coffee cup and water container to celebration stations. We’ll be offering water at all of our stations from one of our refillable water jugs and coffee from large coffee cambros during morning stations - no extra plastic here! 
  2. Recycle the waste from your celebration station snacks, and consider offering snacks with a natural-wrapping, like bananas, to participants at your workplace events. We’ll have recycling available at all of our stations and will sustainably dispose of waste.
  3. Choose rechargeable lights for your bike rather than single-use. Rechargeable USB lights are a great choice for fall riding - just remember to keep them charged up! 
  4. Re-waterproof your gear and patch any holes instead of buying new items. Re-waterproofing your coat and rain pants can be a great way to get extra use out of your rain gear. 
  5. Encourage a friend to cycle to work and reduce their carbon footprint too! If your friend doesn’t own a bike, Mobi by Shaw Go is offering a free 24-hour pass to anyone registered for Bike to Work Week*

Fall Bike to Work Week both encourages cyclists to give biking a go and celebrate those who already bike to work regularly! Don’t forget to register today at to support better biking across Metro Vancouver.

*Simply sign up at and head over to and use the code fallbtww for unlimited 30-minute rides over a 24-hour period from October 21st-27th