Critical gap in the Seaside Greenway (Kits Beach Area) added as a Park Board project

December 4, 2017

Exciting news! The HUB Vancouver-UBC Committee has successfully made the critical gap in the Seaside Greenway through the Kits Beach area into a Park Board project!

Two years ago, Park Board wrote to the HUB Vancouver-UBC Committee that “no new bicycle pathways [would] be introduced in Kitsilano Beach Park”. HUB’s Vancouver-UBC committee launched ongoing action that included a recent email campaign that encouraged encourage people to contact the Park Board and push for a safe and comfortable bike route through the area.

Park Board staff will now present recommendations for a separated route in Kits Beach Park to Park Board Commissioners at a public meeting in January. We should see plans for consultation and design work for 2018.

This gap currently sees crowds of people walking and biking mixed up on narrow paths and directs people on bikes onto dangerously busy roads and through parking lots. We look forward to seeing this stretch of the Seaside Greenway be made safe and delightful like the vast majority of this bike route.