Corene's Cycling Story

March 30, 2020

Corene is one of many health-care practitioners in Metro Vancouver working the front-lines as we race to fight and defeat the outbreak of COVID-19. As a Virology Lab Technologist at BC Children's and Women's Hospital, Corene says she has the honour of helping test suspect samples for COVID-19. Like many of us, the pandemic has significantly impacted Corene’s personal and professional life. “My friends and I had to cancel our year-long plan to travel to Japan, and my transition to working in the Chemistry department at the hospital has been delayed as I’m needed to help test samples.” 


However, amongst all the stress, pressure and tragedy the world is currently experiencing, Corene is able to find salvation in one particular activity: cycling.


“It's my car (I don't drive); it takes my mind off the crazy, gets me fresh air, allows me to keep my social distance, boosts my self-esteem, gives me some much-needed me time, and I get some exercise. It gets me away from the crazy at work, and makes me feel free. I’ve been struggling with other personal issues as well, so cycling also benefits me emotionally.” 

In a time of much uncertainty, cycling has helped keep people sane, healthy and bring the global community together. Last week, our Deputy Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry encouraged people to get outside with their own family to “ride a bike”. New York City noticed a surge in biking as people attempted to avoid crowded subway trains to reduce their likelihood of exposure to the virus. Amidst shelter-in-place protocols, San Francisco’s Mayor has declared that bike repair shops will remain open and are “essential” as many people use them for transport.

We’re all in this strange, turbulent, unprecedented time together. In Corene’s words, “Humans have come from much much less than this and have gotten through much more”. We will get through this. And our bikes are here for us to make it all just a little bit easier.

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