Cheers to Another Successful Year of Bike Education

December 3, 2019

Our Bike Education team just wrapped up another successful year of bike education in schools, teaching HUB's Learn2Ride and Ride the Road courses. A remarkable 10,541 students from 16 municipalities increased their cycling skills and confidence through participating in our programs in 2019 - that's a 53% increase from 2018! Many of the participating schools were from outside of the City of Vancouver with more than half of participants from the Surrey School District. During the Annual Bike to School Week in May, we also saw a big increase in participation with over 11,000 students (a 27% increase over 2018) and 14% more trips by bike.

HUB Cycling measures the impact of our cycling courses by administering school staff and student surveys. Read below for the results.


Staff Survey Highlights


  • 98% of teachers welcomed and recognized the value of HUB Cycling’s instruction

  • 91% rated HUB’s quality of instruction as very good or excellent

  • 52% of school staff said their school’s involvement in HUB Cycling’s education program has encouraged them to increase their own cycling habits


“The instruction, and lessons were fantastic! My students enjoyed the program so much! Very well organized and engaging! All students felt encouraged, motivated, and able to be successful.”


– Glenwood Elementary, Maple Ridge, Learn2Ride


Student Survey Highlights


  • 76% of students felt they had a better understanding of road traffic safety knowledge after the course, compared to only 60% beforehand

  • 69% felt confident in planning a safe bike route to ride to school after the course, compared to only 61% beforehand

  • 78% felt confident in performing basic bike safety checks to ensure a bike is safe to ride after taking HUB's course, compared to only 54% beforehand

  • 45% of students say they will bike on the road more often after the course.


“I liked bike safety because I like biking. I wish the bike people could come back.”

- Student Participant


Thank you to our incredible bike education instructors, coordinators, and manager for making this year one to remember!


See you in the bike lanes.