Bike to Work Week Success Story: First Nations Health Authority

October 8, 2019


Annie Merritt is a Senior Specialist of Community Development within the Community Health and Wellness Services Department at the First Nations Health Authority. The organization has offices in Vancouver and across the province. A keen cyclist herself, Annie shared her top tips for making Bike to Work Week a success at FNHA.


Focus on wellness

At the First Nations Health Authority, there’s a real focus on wellness within the organization’s overall mandate and approach to work. This approach is carried through to Bike to Work Week, with the Wellness and Culture Specialist alongside the communications team leading a blog contest to encourage staff to share their story about biking to work on the internal intranet platform in return for being entered to win a prize.


Leverage existing communication channels to help spread the word

Similar to a social committee in some organizations, FNHA has several wellness committees serving different departments, who help spread the word about Bike to Work Week. Using the momentum already generated by the event itself, employees are encouraged to cycle by the committees and team leads. FNHA also posts about Bike to Work Week on both their internal intranet and public-facing social media accounts to help promote the event. 


Bookend the week with events

At the beginning of Bike to Work Week, champions within individual teams in the organization gather at the bike racks to enjoy coffee and homemade cookies to celebrate the beginning of the event. This is also a time to take a quick team photo to post on the intranet to encourage others to join in for the rest of the week!


Team leaders duties are shared

Often a different individual may step up to be the team lead for the organization each year. The benefit of this approach is that each person treats the role a little differently and brings fresh ideas each time.


Strive to build a biking community together

Bike to Work Week is a great springboard to promote the idea of building a cycling community together at FNHA. Seeing how busy the bike racks get during Bike to Work week helps motivate others to join and continue cycling after the event!