Bike to Work and School Weeks Break Records in Metro Vancouver

June 7, 2018

Bike to Work and School Week Breaks Records in Metro Vancouver

Last week was one for the books, as thousands of people on bikes filled the streets helping both Bike to Work Week and Bike to School Week break new participation records. The events, hosted by non-profit HUB Cycling, aim to showcase the fun, ease, and convenience of using your bike for commuting for all trips.

Here are some highlights from Bike to Work Week, presented by Exodus Travels (May 28-June 3):

  • close to 12,000 people registered to participate
  • 1,759 people were brand new to bike commuting
  • people cycling logged 57,290 bike trips during the week
  • participants across Metro Vancouver cycled over 540,853 kilometres
  • thousands of riders stopped at 83 celebration stations set up across Metro Vancouver

"The continued growth in participation shows that the ongoing investment in cycling infrastructure across the region is having a direct increase on the number of people commuting by bike," explains Tom Skinner, Bike to Work Week Manager.

"The Celebration Station at Burrard and Pacific in Vancouver, where infrastructure upgrades were recently completed, saw 1600 people on bikes pass by in just over two hours," he adds.

The week was an overwhelming success for Bike to School Week as well, as 122 Metro Vancouver schools signed up and encouraged their students to bike, walk and wheel throughout the week. Stories of lunchtime bike parades, prize draws, and students encouraging their peers and parents to take part have been pouring in. "The creativity of school organizers always amazes me." says Alyshia Burak, HUB Cycling’s Bike Education Manager. "Schools really take ownership of the event and make it their own, which is why the event is so successful."

One of the many benefits of Bike to School Week is a reduction in congestion in school zones. "We had about 10 times as many bikes as usual, and a noticeable improvement in traffic congestion at drop off time," one school organizer notes. "Students were arriving early just to get a spot on a bike rack!"

Keen to know who the top schools are across Metro Vancouver? You’ll have to wait a few more days as schools tally their rides. It’s anticipated that over 26,000 trips to and from school have been tracked, and winning schools will be announced next week at

Bike to Work and School Week successfully encourage people to try alternate modes of transportation and the hope is that participants continue to use their bikes to get around beyond these events. “Our surveys show that more than 70% of people who hadn’t biked to work before Bike to Work Week are still biking to work two months later,” adds Skinner. “We encourage people to continue using their bike for all sorts of trips - not just the commute to work, but trips to the store, to visit friends - it all helps! Getting around by bike saves money, supports an active lifestyle, and helps us connect with our communities.”

Alyshia Burak, Bike Education Manager at HUB Cycling, added: “We hear numerous stories from schools and parents about how students are motivated to continue riding after the event. This program is extremely important in helping schools encourage and sustain active travel initiatives, and demonstrating just how much fun they can have in the process.” 

Bike to Work Week and Bike to School Week Programs celebrate and support getting people on bikes, and this results in happier, healthier and more connected communities for everyone. 

Bike to Work Week Results (May 28-June 3)

Registered Riders: 11,774
Number of Celebration Stations: 83
New to bike commuting: 1,759
Bike Trips Logged: 57,290
Total Kilometres biked: 540,853
Calories burned: 16,225,604
Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 117,257

More information at:

Spring 2018 Bike to Work Week Organizational Winners:
Based on number of trips logged

Best in School: Eric Hamber Secondary School
Best in Health: Provincial Health Services Authority
Best in Business: Mountain Equipment Co-op 
Best in Other: General Fusion
Best in Not-For-Profit: Vancouver Aquarium
Best in Higher Education: University of British Columbia
Best in Government: City of Vancouver
Best in Tech: EA Sports
Best Workplace (1-10 Employees): Boni Maddison Architects
Best Workplace (11-25 Employees): Carscadden Stokes McDonald Architects
Best Workplace (26-100 Employees): Zaber Technologies
Best Workplace (101-250 Employees): BGC Engineering Inc.
Best Workplace (251-500 Employees): Arc’teryx
Best Workplace (501-1000 Employees): Stemcell Technologies Inc.
Best Workplace (1000+ Employees): University of British Columbia

Bike to School Week Results (May 28-June 1)
122 total schools registered across Metro Vancouver
Top schools to be announced next week! 
Total trips and riders - coming soon.

More information at: