Bike to School Week 2020 a Success!

November 3, 2020

This year’s Bike to School Week was unlike any other with the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic and school closures during the event’s typical dates, but that didn't stop our School Champions from encouraging active travel at their school! 71 Metro Vancouver Schools celebrated Bike to School Week from September 28 - October 2, 2020.


The free, fun, week-long event enhanced green initiatives already happening at schools, and highlighted the benefits of active transportation - like less congestion and healthy, energized students. 77% of schools who participated in the event said they were motivated to take part because they wanted to keep school culture alive during a very different year with COVID-19, and they definitely succeeded! Check out event highlights below.


2020 Key Highlights


  • 71 schools participated
  • 11 schools participated for the first-time
  • 14 schools used our online tracking tool at
  • 12,234 bike trips were recorded (an average of 197 trips per school)
  • 4,137 riders participated (an average of 66 riders per school)
  • 10,144 other active travel trips recorded (walking, scootering, skateboarding etc.)


“Bike to School Week got my daughter and I out of our car and onto our bikes everyday during the week and we continue to bike to school daily. It takes us about 20 minutes and I am loving the fresh air and exercise every morning. Thank you!” - School Champion


A huge congratulations goes out to the following schools for taking home this year’s grand prizes!


  • Winner Most Riders: École Jules Quesnel, Vancouver
  • Runner-up Most Riders: Grauer Elementary, Richmond
  • Winner Most Trips: Lord Tennyson Elementary, Vancouver
  • Runner-up Most Trips: Queen Elizabeth Annex, Vancouver
  • Best First Time School: Inman Elementary, Burnaby


Thank you to all the parents, students, teachers, and school administrators who stepped forward to champion this event in their school communities. Thank you to our incredible event sponsors and supporters for making this event possible. You’re awesome!


Missed out on this year’s event? No worries! We hope to run a second Bike to School Week event this ‘school year’ in Spring 2021! Subscribe to our ‘Cycling Education’ newsletter for event updates.